RDG Electrical originated in Mildura in the year 2002, we are a local company with dedicated staff working to meet our customer's needs. Our combined experience in the electrical field spans 60 years.

RDG Electrical provides a wide variety of services specialising in:

  • For electrical supplies you can also visit our office located 111 Almond Ave. Mildura
    Irrigation Atomation
    RDG Electrical can provide an irrigation automation solution to suit your budget. Whether for one pump or multiple pumps.
    From one solenoid to hundreds we can supply and install a system to stream line your irrigation and give you back your free time.
    Variable Speed Pumping Applications top of page
    In the times of increasing energy prices and water shortages an effective and environment-friendly way to save energy and water is to use an AC drive - a device for steplessly adjusting the rotational speed of a typical electric motor. Speed control according to actual needs allows considerable energy savings to be achieved. “In pumps and fans in particular, the use of AC drives for flow and pressure control instead of dampers and valves may cut energy consumption in half. This results in short payback time of the initial investment.
    Electrical Maintenance top of page
    RDG Electrical can carry out effective electrical maintenance on your plant and equipment.
    Effective maintenance reduces break down occurrences and increases your efficiency.
    Drainage Pump Repairs top of page
    RDG Electrical can tend to your drainage pump repairs. Our mobile service units carry a range of electrical spare parts. If when our electricians arrive we find the problem is not an electrical one, that’s no problem, we will pull it out, repair it, refit the pump, prime it and start it running again.
    If you would prefer a new pump that’s no problem either, we can source an equivalent pump and fit it for you.
    Underground Cable Locating & Repairs top of page

    Before you do any form of digging make sure you know the exact location of all the underground services. In today's world of litigation and occupational health and safety, damage to any underground cable or pipe can be catastrophic.

    If a customer has an unexpected loss of an essential service they may sue for compensation. Or if someone is seriously injured or dies from hitting a cable or pipe the repercussions are more severe and with recent reforms to work place laws even a prison sentence can be enforced if found negligent.

    It pays to know exactly where every underground cables are.

    With the use of our radio detection cable locator we can attend your site locate and mark the underground cables ready for you to expose them.

    Are your underground cables not working, damaged or only working sometimes. With the use of our radio detection cable locator we can locate underground faults and repair them ready for reliable use again.

    If you are having problems with irrigation valves intermittently stopping you may have a fault in the underground solenoid wiring. We can locate and repair it for you.

    Commercial & Industrial top of page

    RDG Electrical has been providing a consistent service to our commercial and industrial customers for many years. RDG Electrical will design and install both commercial and industrial applications. These can be accustomed to suit each individual customer's needs and budgets RDG Electrical will provide quotes upon request and will answer any questions you may have.

    Some of the industries we have experience in are:

    • Pumping Stations
    • Wineries
    • Commerial Industries
    • Factories
    • Packing Sheds
    • Shopping Centres
    Domestic top of page

    RDG Electrical can tend to all your domestic electrical needs. Whether you are in need of a power point, light fitting, safety switch, smoke detector or whole new switchboard, we can help you achieve your requirements.

    Marine (House Boats) top of page

    RDG Electrical can tend to all your marine electrical requirements. We have experience in new boats, repairs to older boats & maintenance.

    Ask us about Solar panels, invertors and auto start generators.

    Telephone and Data Cabling top of page
    RDG Electrical can install that extra phone point you’ve been wanting or data points for your computer. Just give us a call to discuss your requirements
    Equipment Testing and Tagging & Emergency Light Testing top of page

    Portable electrical equipment, including flexible electrical cords, needs to be regularly inspected for wear and mechanical damage, and periodically tested for earth continuity and insulation resistance.

    Testing and tagging of your portable equipment and emergency light testing is required in NSW & Vic. for all enterprises and construction industries. Testing intervals vary depending on the nature of your business. For your specific requirements please contact us and we can provide this information for you.

    RDG Electrical provides price effective solutions to your testing obligations with printed reports.

    We can even remind you when testing is due again.

    All testing is carried out to meet the requirement of Work cover and Australian Standards. More information can be obtained from the Work cover websites, VIC: NSW:

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